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Unlike many other practices, we allow a minimum of 15 minutes for each consultation. This ensures your pet will receive a full clinical examination and that there will be time for us to discuss any problems thoroughly. Our two consulting rooms are bright and well-equipped and there are nursing staff ready to assist should an extra pair of hands be needed. All our consultations are by appointment - check our opening hours for available consultation times and contact us to book.

Vaccination programmes

Vaccine vialsMany painful and potentially fatal diseases, such as distemper in dogs and leukaemia in cats (for which there are no current cures), can be prevented by regular vaccination.

We can also vaccinate rabbits against two serious diseases - myxomatosis and viral haemorrhagic disease (VHD). For more information on the importance of vaccination see our health guides.

Dietary advice

We are able to order and supply a wide range of foods but, from personal experience, we recommend the Hill's range of specially formulated diets which are designed to meet your pet's needs throughout the changing stages of life. In certain circumstances, we will advise the use of 'prescription diets' and we offer free weight checks and advice on slimming regimes. We see large numbers of rabbits with dental problems and hence stock a range of foods which have been endorsed by specialists to help prevent and control dental disease. Just ask at reception.

Dental care

Dental unitIf you can cope with cleaning your pet's teeth at home, we have a range of toothpastes, brushes and gels to aid oral hygiene. Failing that, good diet and regular check-ups are the answer.

Having your pet's teeth scaled under anaesthetic every few years will reduce the likelihood of mouth pain, gum disease, abscesses, smelly breath and tooth loss.
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